Menu À La Cart

an emotional cuisine

Our restaurant offers a menu of typical Venetian cuisine. The flagship is undoubtedly the fresh pasta that is served together with tasty and unmissable sauces! You will certainly want to ask for the... encore!

Give yourself some space to try the desserts and semifreddo too, you will be amazed by their creativity and their gluttony. Enjoy your meal!

menu antipasto pesce fresco


  • Great Fish Dish Ai Barbacani
    28 €

    Selection of assorted hot and cold Adriatic fish

  • Sauté of the Adriatic
    18 €

    Sautéed mussels and clams with garlic, oil and parsley, shaded with white wine

  • Culatello and melon
    23 €

    Culatello DOP aged 12 months and Cantalupo melon crescents

  • Beef carpaccio with lemon oil in Bernese sauce
    23 €

    Beef sirloin carpaccio flavored with lemon oil in a Bernese sauce

menu primo piatto spaghetti vongole

first courses

  • Spaghetti Laguna with clams
    19 €

    Spaghettoni risotto-style, with Venetian clams, garlic and parsley, shaded with white wine

  • Trofie with pesto
    18 €

    Homemade pesto trofie with Sant’Erasmo basil and pine nuts

  • Risotto with asparagus tips and prawns
    22 €

    Risotto with asparagus tips and prawns shaded with Cognac and white wine

menu pasta fatta in casa

Pasta HomeMade

  • Mediterranean-style tagliolini with lobster
    39 €

    Rolled tagliolini with a rolling pin, with browned lobster and garlic, Frantoio Pignatelli EVO oil and basil, shaded with cognac and white wine

  • Tagliatelle with Irish Angus fillet ragout
    19 €

    Handmade tagliatelle with Irish Angus fillet ragout

  • Total black rigatoni with cuttlefish ink
    23 €

    Homemade cuttlefish ink rigatoni with cuttlefish julienne and confit cherry tomatoes

  • Ricotta and spinach ravioloni, with butter and sage
    23 €

    Handmade fresh pasta ravioloni stuffed with ricotta, spinach, sautéed with butter and sage

  • Ravioloni stuffed with salmon, Taggiasca olives and dill
    25 €

    Fresh handmade pasta filled with fresh smoked salmon, Taggiasca olives and dill in tomato sauce

menu secondo piatto pesce alla griglia

second courses

  • Fried fish with Tartar sauce
    29 €

    Great dish of mixed fried fish accompanied by homemade Tartar sauce

  • Grilled gilthead or sea bass
    32 €

    Grilled gilthead or sea bass (fish caught on the day)

  • Chef's mixed grilled fish (at least 2 people)
    cad. 42 €

    Mixed grill of fresh fish of the day

  • Selected grilled prawns
    32 €

    Selected grilled prawns flavored with lemon and parsley sauce

  • Two-cooked Argentine beef fillet
    39 €

    Grilled or pan-fried fillet of pasture-raised Argentine beef with green pepper

  • Venetian-style veal liver morsels
    23 €

    Veal liver Venetian style with caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar and crispy polenta medallions

  • Chateaubriand in Bernese sauce (at least 2 people)
    77 €

    Chateaubriand beef fillet with Bernese sauce garnished with seasonal grilled vegetables

menu dessert affogato al caffe


  • The proposals of Chef Tonino
    9 €

    Every day the Chef prepares a selection of desserts for the guests of the Restaurant

  • Three flavors panna cotta
    9 €

    Choice of: caramel, berries, dark chocolate

  • Three flavor cheesecake
    9 €

    Choice of: caramel, berries, dark chocolate

  • Tiramisu Ai Barbacani style
    9 €

    The Chef proposes the original version of his Tiramisu

  • Chocolate-ice cream tartlet
    18 €

    Extra dark chocolate patty with warm heart and cream ice cream

  • Black blend ˝truffle˝
    12 €

    Black ˝truffle˝ with dark chocolate

  • Semifreddo «drowned» in coffee
    11 €

    100% Arabica blend coffee semifreddo

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