fairytale events, to be experienced in the City on the water

The Carnival in Venice

Carnival here in Venice is a truly special moment because the lagoon city is happily colored, the reflection in the water and the suggestive views that can be admired are even more fascinating.

We recommend that you come and experience it, at least once! Maybe masked, will help you to get even more into the festive atmosphere that reigns in those days. And when you are in Venice, a reserved and welcoming space for you and your friends is for sure at the Ai Barbacani Restaurant!

For more information and updates, we advise you to visit the official website of the Carnival of Venice.

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Evento Carnevale di Venezia

Celebrate CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR'S Eve in Venice

One of the most evocative times to visit the lagoon city is undoubtedly the Christmas period, when the calli are illuminated by lights and the magic makes Venice even more fascinating!

Come and discover Venice at the Ai Barbacani Restaurant, accompanied by the spectacle of the boats passing through the rio; beware of advertising on the most obvious tourist routes.

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Evento Natale e Capodanno di Venezia

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